H.HHerbs All-Natural Basil

H.HHerbs All-Natural Basil

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Fresh & all-natural. H.HHerbs uses high quality seeds to yield the best results! 


Key Features:

  • All-Natural
  • No chemical pesticides / fertilizer
  • Natural compost made with dried and powdered coffee grounds, egg shells, and banana peels.
  • Pot is included in your purchase. Pot colour cannot be changed.


For ONLY PHP 100 per pot (pot size - 8*8cm), you can enjoy fresh and naturally grown herbs from balcony to table!



  • Care Recommendations


    1. Tip 1. Water consistently and regularly. Keep the soil moist but not soggy.

    2. Tip 2. Place the plant in location with optimal light, but not in direct as the sun is too strong at the moment.

    3. Tip 3. Harvest often to encourage new growth, harvest from the top as this will make the plant bush out.

    4. Tip 4. If a basil plant starts to flower, the basil leaves will start losing flavor and the plant will stop growing.

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