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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does your company provide bulk order items?
    Yes, we do! We can certainly cater to customers that would like to switch to a more sustainable solution at a larger scale. Please reach out to us via email at to get your customized and cost-effective quotation based on your requirements. Details on pricing and MOQ (minimum order quantities) can be discussed directly with the customers based on their needs.


  2. What is your return policy?
    Upon final payment and delivery, unfortunately for the health and safety of our customers, we do not provide exchanges or returns. If the product(s) potentially have substantial defects/ damages that prevents the customer from utilizing the product(s) for its purpose, please email us at as we will handle such queries on case to case basis. For more information, check out our Store Policies link.


  3. What are your shipping options?
    Shipping is care of the customer.
    This means that the customer will pay for the shipping fee of their purchased products in addition to the cost of the products themselves.

    At the moment, we are catering to local (within Metro Manila, Philippines) shipping options: Lalamove & Grab


  4. What are the international taxes, duties, etc. that I have to pay?
    It is mandatory to pay a 12% VAT of the total net cost of your purchased products in the Philippines. This will be clearly indicated and transparently communicated via our customer’s quotation and invoice.


  5. When will I receive my order?
    For local orders, the typical duration is 2-3 days from day/ date of when the order was placed. Please note that this could change based on circumstances that are not within JR Organic’s control. Rest assured you will be updated on the status of your order while it's en route to you.


  6. What do I do if I never received my order?
    Please email us at as we will handle such queries directly with the third-party courier and the customer.


  7. What do I do if I received a defective order?
    Please refer to our return policy above.


  8. How do I make changes to an order I’ve already placed?
    As long as your order has not yet reached you, you may email us at as we will handle such order changes directly with our customers. Other platforms that our customers could reach us through would be through our Instagram page: @jr.organics & Facebook page:

    **Please note that if your delivery has already been dispatched towards your location, there may be additional fees charged to the customer to cover the return of the courier to HQ to amend the customer’s orders.


  9. Where are you located?
    We are based in BGC, Taguig Metro Manila, Philippines.


  10. How do I contact your company if my question isn’t answered here?
    Please email us at in order for us to handle your queries directly. You may also reach out to us through our social media platforms such as Facebook ( and Instagram (@jr.organics).

    Customer Safety and security – Data Management
    We at JR Organics would like to reassure our customers regarding the safety and confidentiality of the data they share with us. Please note that we do not share, sell or handle our customer’s information without their prior consent. The information we collect across all our social media platforms and our website is purely for the purpose of the following:

    Providing you with the most recent environmental facts and statistics.

    Communicating our brand mission and personality.

    Give you updates regarding our new and existing products.

    Customer Safety and security – Products
    For the health and safety of our customers, we do not accept returns, replacements and exchanges of purchased products the moment they have reached the customer. The rationale behind this is to ensure we maintain the hygienic integrity of our products along with utmost customer satisfaction. This ensures our customers that all of our products reach them in its native packaging - absolutely brand new. Please refer to our return policy (point no. 2) for more details.

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