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There is no doubt that sustainable living will be the way of the future. Our online E-store was born to support the acceleration of clean, sustainable and waste-free living that is inevitable. 

JR Organics opened its E-store in 2020 with the belief that sustainable living starts at home, at an individual level and with everyday personal care needs.

This is why we launched a cost-effective portfolio of personal care and grooming products, each designed to solely focus on your everyday needs. Switch away from your current plastic solution now and create a conscious consumption cycle that benefits everyone!

To give everyone access to sustainable personal care and grooming alternatives, without compromising on quality or price.


Our Ethos

Why Do What We Do

Biodegradable Products

Through biodegradable products, we believe that we can help shift the market mindset. Switch with us - we provide a price competitive alternative solution. Be a benefactor to sustainable solutions.

Waste Free & All-Natural

JR Organics is committed to selling high quality, natural products that are earth-friendly. We help reduce carbon footprint by using all-natural, waste free raw materials. From product to packaging. These are key in our sustainable solution.

No Toxic Chemicals

We want to live in a way that betters our planet and reduces exposure to artificial chemicals. This is why our portfolio provides a variety of vegan-friendly and BPA-free products to suit your needs.


Whats New...

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Happy Holidays & THANK YOU!

Dec 24, 2020

Greetings from JR Organics!

It has been quite the year and we would like to express our thank you to our friends, family, supporters, partners and wonderful customers from all over the world, for giving us a great start back in July 2020. We are truly lucky and grateful to have our health and wellbeing, but just as grateful for all your support in our start up business.


On behalf of Heleriin and myself (Justin). We would like to wish you happy holidays and a wonderful new year! Here’s to some family time and a strong and fresh start in 2021!

Sincere & best regards,

Justin Razo & Heleriin Hein

Dec 20, 2020

Greetings from JR Organics!

JR Organics supports @seayoudubai and the UAE’s vision towards a sustainable future. We are happy and extremely grateful to @seayoudubai for giving us the opportunity to showcase our product at one of their upcoming locations the Vida Dubai Creek Hotel @dubaicreekharbour .


This is a wonderful milestone for JR Organics and we are extremely excited for what we have in stored for you in the new year. Stay tuned!

Please inquire for more information.

Sincere & best regards,

JR Organics & SeaYou Dubai


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