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5 things you can do this Christmas to be more eco-friendly

by Mary Joy Dalumbar

The religious and cultural event celebrated on the last month of every year is now approaching. We celebrate this this holiday to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. This Christmas season is also the most popular season for many households here in the Philippines. However, it can be hectic for some due to the pressure of last-minute shopping. If you’re looking for an eco-friendlier approach this year, here are some tips on how to decorate and shop that bring your gift game to the next level!

1. Shopping for gifts

Shopping is the most important and time-consuming item you’ll need to do for this occasion. Here are some tips:

· Re-use: Rather than buying new items, re-use! Within reason, look for secondhand bargains. This will not only be cost-effective for you, but the secondhand product(s) you procure will be re-used.

· Barter/ Exchange: Participate in barters or exchanges where you exchange something you have with someone else’s goodies. After all, one’s trash is another’s treasure.

2. Plan ahead for eco-friendly gifts

When you plan to pick up presents for your family and friends, it won’t hurt to consider the following:

· Do they need OR want this gift?

· Will they have this for a long time or is it for one-time use?

· Does this have an impact on the environment?

Consider purchasing gifts made out of glass, wood, and other biodegradable material instead plastic. These are so many options!

3. Purchasing environmentally safe decorations.

· Recycled decorations: If you must buy new decorations, look for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic decorations. Some may just be laying around your house! For example: recycled paper, dried flowers, fruit peels, popcorn and oranges covered in cloves (check these out on google!)

4. Low value, low impact PANIC BUYING!

· Many tend to purchase a lot of unnecessary trinkets every holiday for entertainment, such firecrackers. These produce a lot of left-over waste, smoke and can even be dangerous if not handled properly. Always remind yourself that you are not obliged to purchase such products. Stay true to your objective and stay focused!

5. Don’t waste food!

· Should you have an abundance of post-celebration leftovers, make sure to give back to your community by donating some food to the less fortunate. After all, Christmas is the time for giving!

What do you think?

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