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Turning recycled items into a business

by Mary Joy Dalumbar

Recently, a typhoon daubed the name “Ulysses” passed through the Philippines. On top of COVID-19, the country was pushed into another environmental crisis. With several homes destroyed and many left in destitute, small and medium-sized businesses run by the same people have also been impacted and many may not be able to open again. On a positive note, some remain resilient and have turned to their personal hobbies or interests to make money.

Here are four forward-looking green companies/ programs that turned personal interests into businesses:

1. Amidst heavy rains brought by the typhoon named Falcon, an advocacy drive called “Bantay Kalikasan or Nature Watch” hosted by ABS-CBN Foundation at La Mesa Ecopark. The aim of this advocacy program was to help other people understand the importance of organic farming, protecting the environment and how to create a healthier and more sustainable Filipino population. They also cover a variety of topics such as benefits of vermicomposting, cultivating earthworms, benefits home-grown fruits and vegetables and many more!

2. Cocoon Boutique Hotel gives their customers an enjoyable stay in their humble hotel. The owners specifically built this hotel with sustainability in mind. They created a hotel made from upcycled furniture, repurposed wood and many re-usable materials to give it a modern, yet natural feel.

3. A great way to reduce one's carbon footprint is by biking. A local company called Bambikes goes a step further, because their bikes are made of bamboo! Say goodbye to conventional bikes and go BAMBOO!

4. Environment, Community, Hope & Organization (AKA ECHO) is a local brick and mortar & online store that appear to be a wonderful blend between "Body Shop and Wholefoods". They sell affordable organic goods, sustainable personal care products and many more.


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