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How did sustainable products become a trend in the 21st century?

Have you ever seen the picture of a seahorse holding a discarded cotton swab? Well, it might sound impossible but "Justine Hofman '', a member of "SeaLegacy Collective" was lucky (but unfortunate) enough to capture this photo. "The Seahorse Image" gained a lot of attention as a beacon that shed light on the volume of plastic going into our oceans each minute. Similar to the infamous turtle that was found with a straw up its nostrils! This little guy was fortunate enough to be found and saved by a research team.

Since we live in an age of technological advancement, connecting people has never been easier. What better way to utilize this than to educate the wider audience about the importance of environmental sustainability and wildlife conservation. With the rise of social media, the seahorse image had brought people back into reality! It became an iconic image for an environmental wake up call. Documentaries and Netflix shows such as “The War on Waste TV" and "Blue Planet” shortly followed as the cause had naturally gained its own audience and followers.

Even big commercial brands have taken small steps into supporting green approaches through better packaging, replacing plastic bottles or moving away from plastic straws and single-use plastics. In addition, the concept of “zero waste” and “sustainable” products have had a significant increase in awareness with the rise of the millennials and succeeding generations. Most are even willing to pay a little extra to fight the way against plastics!

Climate change has certainly taken a toll on many countries, especially recently. Of which plastic contributes blame. It is extremely important that we use the technical advances we have today to further educate the current and succeeding generations. Unlike fashion or music, environmental sustainability and climate change are not based on trend, but true potential outcomes governed by the choices we make today.


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