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Stress relief in a new normal COVID-19 setting

by Jonna Mae Linghon

I am not a fan of going out. I am not the adventurous type, though studies show that millennials are spending and traveling more than any other age group says on millennial travel trends. Then COVID-19 changes it all! To stop the spread of the virus (at least in the Philippines), we had to be placed on total lockdown.

During this period, my family and I thought we were better off leave the city and head back to the province. One month into total quarantine, I was afraid, lonely, bored and incoherently restless. I feared particularly for my vulnerable family members who were in their mid 70s and early 90s. But what I feared more was for the health of my daughter who had struggled with pneumonia on many occasions in the past. Since we were in the province, my daughter wasn't too bothered by the lockdown as the house we stayed in was spacious and she had her cousins to play with.

As time passed, I could sense by daughter's uneasiness, she wanted to see the world outside the bamboo gate. My heart sank every time I had to explain why she was unable to go outside. Fast forward to when the travel ban was lifted, we immediately flew back to Laguna. It was quite stressful when we traveled back as it was my first time out in about four months. I was scared for my family, but I was also happy. I saw my daughter running to the baggage counter. She was very happy to see people again, along with aero planes parked on the runway.

When we arrived, I was researching places we could visit here in the South to unwind and finally take a breath. My partner and I both love nature and being outdoors. We like serene places with lots of trees and rivers flowing through. Open spaces where we could grill fish and eat fresh seafood and fruits. These are the kind of experiences I wish to pass on to my daughter so she may learn to appreciate the natural gifts our nature has to offer.

I was considering Tagaytay for a quick escape. I was looking for an eco-friendly and child-friendly destination here in the South. Thanks to an article called ‘’Where to bring kids in Tagaytay Aside from Picnic Grove: 7 spots’’. Most of the destinations that interested me were:

  • LeDon Garden, taking a farm to table approach. They have kid-friendly sessions such as toy-making (using recycled materials), art demos and healthy home cooking lessons. They are located in Asuncion Subdivision, Purok 3 Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Biga 1 Silang Cavite.

  • Preziosa Botanic Park, there are many varieties of fruits and vegetables around the fairgrounds to buy and eat. Kids can feed the farm animals as well, under the supervision of the Preziosa staff. They are situated in Barangay Sulsugin, Alfonso, Cavite.

  • Reptiland Adventure. They have animatronic reptiles on display, a mini zoo, a fossil museum and a playhouse for the kids. It is located in Barangay Palumlum, Alfonso, Tagaytay.

I know this is not the right time to think about spending, however, a quick escape can also help our body and mind to rejuvenate. We don't need to spend too much to be happy. If we can't afford to go out, we can take our family for a quick walk or plan a fun activity with our kids at home. Small moments of happiness can turn your day around.


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